*Allure* Beauty Product Finder Expert: Dermatologist Ranella Hirsch

The former president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, Hirsch says that some skin-care claims are so absurd, they make her laugh out loud. “It is why I am so hopeful about this project,” she says of the Allure Beauty Product Finder. “It’s a chance for women to be educated on what they are spending their hard-earned dollars on.” To help us do that, she explained the known uses of key ingredients in the Finder’s products. Hirsch has conducted clinical trials for several anti-aging products not yet on the market. She serves on the editorial boards of the journals Dermatology Times, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Cutis and is an author of the dermatology textbook Aesthetic Regional Rejuvenation (McGraw-Hill). She has a private practice in Boston, where her specialties are laser surgery and aesthetic dermatology.