There’s Finally a Place to Buy Your Favorite Beauty Products From Instagram

If you’re not familiar with the enormously active beauty community on social media, we’re going to assume the rock you’ve been living under just doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Even a simple search of #makeup will lead you to more than 78 million results. On Instagram, all it takes is a couple hundred beauty bloggers (with a couple hundred thousand followers) to catapult a little-known brand to cult status, fast. But that does nothing to help us find the apparently obsession-worthy products IRL. Well, Ricky’s NYC has evidently felt the pain of Instagram beauty products just out of reach, and they’re hoping to rectify that problem.

The New York City–based beauty retailer opened a social-media-inspired shop in SoHo called # (pronounced “hashtag” or signed with your hands, if you want to be a tad obnoxious about it) where the product offerings are curated based on Instagram trends. The store currently offers 20 popular beauty brands you probably see all over your feed, including Hairfinity, Makeup Eraser, Morphe Brushes, and Hot Makeup, as well as a few Instagram regulars, like BeautyBlender, Tangle Teezer, and NYX. What’s even cooler is that the stock will be changing constantly.

rickys hashtag insta 02

The brick-and-mortar store gives shoppers a hands-on experience that allows them to touch and test the products before purchasing, as well as to stream YouTube tutorials from an on-site touchscreen TV. And because it wouldn’t be able to call itself truly Instagram-inspired without a selfie station, the store will of course provide one, complete with props. #Amazing.