This Lip Balm Changed My Life (OK, Lips)

OK, so the headline might be a teensy bit hyperbolic, but hear me out: I am someone who suffers from perpetually chapped lips. I use a sugar scrub at night several times a week. I reapply petroleum-free lip balm throughout the day, and I sleep with a humidifier on full blast. But nothing ever works—my lips are flaky, peeling, and terribly dry. Until last week, when I discovered the lip balm that healed them.

I’ve been eyeing the brand Grown Alchemist for several months, and I finally got my hands on a few of their products for a story I’m working on. Their packaging is so chic and minimalistic, I was pretty sure I’d be disappointed again. My lips were surely too dry for this organic, natural balm to tackle. I opened up the Vanilla & Watermelon lip balm. The watermelon-and-vanilla scent and taste remind me of the chicest, most subtle Bonne Bell lip balm ever, like Lip Smackers for hipsters. And it’s made with real watermelon-seed oil and vanillin, for even more hipster cred.

Then I smeared it on. It’s thick and pretty oily in a good way (the main ingredients are castor-seed oil and beeswax). A little goes a really long way. I left the office that night to venture out into the snow and, several hours later, did a lip check: Were they peeling off my face? Nope. Any scaly spots? No. When I woke up the next morning, my lips actually felt soft and plush, which was the first time I could recall them ever feeling like that. They’d been healed with just one glob of this magical stuff. I practically sprinted into the office the next morning to reapply it (and make sure the whole thing hadn’t been a dream). I’ve since added it as the last step of my nighttime beauty routine (it’s a little thick for daytime). Now let’s hope I don’t lose this one like I have every other balm that’s entered my life.

Have you tried a lip balm that you love?

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