Mascara Reactivator – How to Redo Mascara During the Day Without Clumps

Picture this: It’s the end of the workday, and you’re thinking about a pre-drinks mascara refresh. Do you apply a third/fourth coat straight from the tube, risking the phenomenon known (before this, only to me) as Mono-Lash? Do you take out a makeup wipe, then another makeup wipe to wipe away the flakes Makeup Wipe #1 left on your cheeks and underneath your eyes?

Luckily, beauty technology has advanced far enough along that now, looking like you’ve got broom heads growing out of your eyelids can become a thing of the past. Enter…Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection, a serum that unglues and preps your lashes for EOD *and* adds volume **and** comes in glittery packaging. You just comb it through your 6 p.m. spider legs and follow it with a new coat or two, or you could use it 5–10 minutes after your first application for fluffy, full effect.


Courtesy of Urban Decay

Of course, there’s always a DIY alternative that takes more effort and supplies but is totally worth it because you didn’t have to spend $16 on just *one* thing (and it’ll give you a sense of accomplishment). Much like how when you adjust your contacts and the saline solution unglues your lashes, you could cop the Beauty Department’s trick and replicate the same effect with some eye-makeup remover: Take a disposable mascara wand, dip it in your trusty liquid saline formula, and work it through.

And with that, Mono-Lash reared its clumpy head one final time and retreated back into the deep. Ugh, just when I’d given it a name and everything.