Pravana Blonde Wand – How to Get Blonde Hair with a Flatiron

As a bottle blonde, just the thought of combining the acute heat from a flat iron and bleach is inherently daunting for me. Remember this viral video evidencing what too-hot temps can do to hair color?

But if I’m going to trust my fragile strands with anyone, it’s Pravana, who recently unveiled its fascinating new Blonde Wand. A flatiron-like tool engineered to expedite processing time, it can lighten hair by seven levels in just 10 seconds. In other words, our hours on end in the salon chair are over. But that’s not the craziest part…

What’s really throwing me for a loop is that it actually leaves the hair in better condition than traditional coloring. I mean, microwaves don’t exactly have the best rep when it comes to health. So how exactly?