Purple Color Correcting Primer – Becca Purple Primer

Over the past year, color-changing (all hail, green blush) and color-correcting innovations have been shaking up the beauty aisles. A new launch that teams both of these phenomenons together is Becca’s new First Light Priming Filter, which just happens to be a dawn-inspired shade of purple. When applied to the face, it reads translucent on the skin, but the cool violet tones counteract dullness and yellow tones in the process.


In addition to its cool light technology, the formula is loaded with soothing spring water, thirsty-skin-quenching prickly pear flower, rejuvenating ginger, and plumping sodium hyaluronate. Designed specifically to eliminate signs of an all-too-frequent “bad face day”—i.e. a lackluster complexion, blemishes, and enlarged pores—slather it onto your face after a long night to reset it, plus keep your face beat in place all day.

While haters will say you don’t *need* a primer as long as you’re properly moisturized, the color theory benefits of this canvas-smoother make it worth the extra step—just look at the before and after below:

BECCA’s fix for Bad Face Day is so simple to use and the effects are instant! See for yourself how skin is immediately refreshed for a brighter, healthier and more hydrated complexion. Making it a simple fix you’ll want to use every day! #BECCAFixesBadFaceDay

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Becca First Light Priming Filter, $38; sephora.com.

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