Skin Laundry SleepCycle Pillowcase – Pillow for Clearer Skin

Clear skin—a feat dared by many, and as some rare selfies would have you believe, achieved by few. (No, not even Hollywood stars have perfect skin *all* the time.) With all the washes, gels, creams, and treatments out there, could the real secret to a blemish-free face be your pillowcase? Skin Laundry seems to think so.

Made from 100% cotton and with a threadcount of 300, the Skin Laundry SleepCycle pillowcase is treated with charged silver ion technology which provides a natural anti-microbial effect to help reduce the presence of harmful bacteria. Real human translation? It keeps the bad skin germs at bay, and your skin stays cleaner—meaning, hopefully, less breakouts. (The best part is that it lasts up to 50 washes. After that, you’ll have to replace.)

So does it actually work? Skin Laundry’s tests show that it reduces bacteria by 99.9%. After using it, my face is a bit clearer, though I still get pimples from time to time. (#Genes) If you’re plagued with acne, this might be a good bet to make.


SleepCycle Pillowcase, $30;

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