Why People Are Telling Cardi B to Shave Her Stomach – Cardi B Moschino Instagram Picture

THIS JUST IN: Cardi B has body hair! Oh, my gosh—the shock, the horror! Listen; this shouldn’t be news. This story, about someone else’s body hair, should never be trending news, or a conversation point, but here I am, addressing the Internet over it, because I. Am. Not. Here. For. This.

In case you’ve missed the ridiculousness, let me fill you in: Cardi B, incredibly accomplished singer and truth-speaker, put on a kickass performance at the Grammys on Sunday night. That should be the end of the story, but apparently, haters out there have decided not to focus on what matters—i.e. her voice, her rainbow-loving outfit, her awesomeness—but instead the fact that, in photos, you can kinda, sorta see a trace of peach fuzz in the middle of Cardi B’s stomach. YUP.

After Moschino posted a picture of Cardi B on Instagram, comments began popping up about a tiny, itty bitty shadow of hair at the top of her skirt. “She better shave her stomach hair before modeling,” reads one comment on the photo, while another reads, “Y’all see her happy trail though �� she needa shave that stomach.” And then my favorite of the comments just read, “Gross.”

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Okay, listen—everyone needs to stop. To keep, to shave, to wax, to bleach or dye or bedazzle or do anything with your own body hair is your own personal choice, and that should be accepted or disregarded, but definitely not shamed. Literally every human being in existence has hair, and to imply that there’s a right or wrong way of wearing that hair is ridiculous and harmful. Got it? Good.

Of course, I’m pretty positive Cardi B wouldn’t give a damn if she knew haters were hatin’ on her body hair, based on the fact that she’s known for saying and doing whatever she wants, so I’ll be policing the world for her, instead.