#35: Faded Undercut with Mini Dreads Source Heck yes, this is another undercut hairstyle,
#11: Short Dreads with Tramlines Instagram / @edwardklipperhands High dreads are ideal for the
#2: Fade with Side Part Instagram / @ambarberia Fade haircut styles with a side
#23: Blonde Curls with a Sharp Line Instagram / @glennmcgoldrick Frame your fade with
#9: Wavy Pompadour with Highlights Source As far as haircuts for men go, the
#13: Men’s Retro Hairstyle with a Twist Source Tall styles like Mohawks and pompadours
#37: Hairstyle with a Wet Look DFree / Shutterstock.com Adrian Grenier appeared at the
#9: Mohawk with a Twist Source Let’s be honest – a Mohawk just makes