Gal Gadot Hair Is Trendy Superpower

Gal Gadot hairstyles have been on our trend alert since we were first introduced to the fashion-forward actress as our leading choice for “Wonder Woman”. She’s strong, beautiful and intelligent and the perfect role model for young girls interested in superheroes! She also has a super secret power that we all wish we could have. Forget invisibility or flying-we would be completely happy with having Gal Gadot Wonder Woman hair every day! Here are 10 of our favorite hair moments from Gal Gadot.

#1: Gal Gadot Topknot

No one can pull off looking quite as fabulous as Gal Gadot, especially with a topknot like this! We have adored topknots for quite some time because they’re the perfect way to spice up any style in an effortless way. If you’ve been dying to try this trend on yourself-it’s super simple and can be achieved in just a few minutes.

Simply brush all your hair thoroughly and pull your hair all the way through an elastic. You can make the topknot as big or as small as you like by tugging at the hair. Secure the topknot with bobby pins. If you’re looking for other simple and stylish hair hacks, check out these great suggestions!

#2: Slicked Back Half Up

Gal Gadot takes a note from some of our favorite celebs that have pulled off this stunning look lately. An amazing example of the right way to slick back your hair is Kristen Stewart’s style (aside from Gal Gadot, of course!).

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to achieve the slicked back hairstyle? You don’t want to use too much oil because that will actually do more harm than good-make sure you’re using just the right amount. The best way to achieve this style is by using a small amount at first and then gradually adding to it if it’s not staying in place. Less is more, after all!

#3: Wavy Wonder

You can achieve this look with ease-as long as you have the right product! You want to make sure that you’re using a product that enhances your natural texture. There are plenty of choices and sometimes it takes a little detective work on your part to find the right fit.

We have an amazing guide for texturizing products that will be able to help you perfect the look! And it will save you the trouble of having to search the shelves for the one that works. Hair texturizing is simple and looks great, especially if you already have natural waves like Gal Gadot!

#4: Deep Side Part

We have to admit that we have Gal Gadot hair envy most days because she always looks so put together! Did you know you can change your entire look just by changing the way you part your hair? People will wonder if you did something different, but it can be our little secret that it was such a simple adjustment.

And some people choose to not even incorporate a part into their daily style. If you’re interested in learning more about the do’s and don’ts of this popular trend check out our essential tips on the no-part hair trend.

#5: Warrior Braid

Warrior braids are trendy and classy-and if women like Gal Gadot and Beyonce are wearing them with pride than so should we! It seems like the perfect style for any modern woman to let out her inner warrior princess.

There are plenty of ways to wear this braided style, but one of our favorites is the triple braid warrior plait. It’s a simple and easy trick that will make any night out or in absolute perfection.

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#6: Glossy Medium Cut

Deciding to cut your hair is quite a big decision-especially, if you’ve been growing your hair out for quite some time. If you’ve been contemplating a new cut though medium-length is a great option since it’s the perfect compromise between long and short. Check out some of our favorites in this medium cuts and hairstyles guide!

#7: Chic Updo

The updo is the perfect choice for a night out on the town with that special someone! Gal Gadot knew exactly how to make an entrance at a Tiffany & Co. party dedicated to trendy women and fashion-forward thinkers.

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#8: Dutch Braid Updo

If you want to stand out wear your hair in an elegant updo just like Gal Gadot. Updos are a great choice for the summer months since it’s warm and you’ll often have to deal with a frizzy mess if you choose to leave it down. It’s perfect for formal events and casual nights on the couch!

#9: All Natural

It’s fun to be natural sometimes! Even celebrities know the importance of staying true to themselves, especially when they’re constantly changing their hair to stay trendy and stylish. If you remain natural your hair will be able to get a much-needed break from the constant damage it goes through daily.

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#10: Wet Hair Trend

The wet hair trend today is a far cry from the textured, crimpy style of the ’80s. It’s most sophisticated and sleek and the best part is you can put away your hair dryer for this super chic style! We know how time-consuming drying your hair can be. This style is a nice break from the usual heat damage and we have a great wet hairstyle guide to help you find the perfect look!

Gal Gadot hairstyles have become somewhat timeless and classic in the short amount of time that she has become a Hollywood favorite! She chooses styles that are both natural and chic, and they’re easy to pull off by just about anyone. That’s why we’ve become so obsessed with this Wonder Woman’s style!