The Most Inspirational Guide to Beyonce Best Hair Moments

Beyonce knows how to wow her fans with her fantastic voice and amazing style – but for a girl who grew up in her mom’s hair salon in Houston should we really expect anything less than hair greatness from Queen Bey? You may have noticed that Beyonce has started sticking to pretty natural hair after all of her hair transformations. Can we blame her? If you’re a fan of Beyonce then you’re going to love this guide showing you how to embrace your inner pop princess’ hairstyle.

#1: Natural Hair, Beyonce Style

You shouldn’t be too shocked by what you’re seeing here—that’s right! It’s Beyonce’s real hair, although it might have been quite awhile since you’ve seen her embrace her kinks or quirks. Whatever you want to call them; all we know is we can’t wait to see more.

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#2: Side Ponytail

Beyonce shows off her fans that she truly embraces her 80’s style with this side ponytail—it’s set up way high in the style like the popular Valley Girls that used to rule that decade. Beyonce’s just proving that she rules no matter what year she’s living in.

#3: Short and Sweet

There’s something sweet about this short hair look on Beyonce—we love the innocence of this style, and we’re hoping Beyonce will pull off this look again sooner, rather than later. It doesn’t hurt that it helps to give her a youthful glow, and I’m sure if you gave it a try it would do the same for you.

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#4: Straight Stylin’

It’s been so long since I saw Beyonce wear her hair straight that I almost forgot that it was capable of doing so. If you’ve got thick, curly hair like our girl Beyonce you should check out this amazing tutorial for sleek and straight locks—you’ll be straight stylin’ before you know it.

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#5: Bombshell Blonde

If you’re going for that sexy style, but you’re worried about going full on blonde – Beyonce’s got you covered. As you can see in this picture she’s got darker roots to blend in nicely with her complexion, so don’t be afraid to try something new because I’m sure you’ll rock this style just as well as our Queen Bey.

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#6: Warrior Braid

If there’s one celebrity that can pull this braided look off it’s going to be Beyonce. If you’re up for the challenge check out this triple braid warrior plait updo tutorial to unleash your true warrior princess on the world.

#7: Hair Flip

“I whip my hair back and forth” should be part of Beyonce’s daily phrases, but if it’s not she sure knows how to pull the hair flip look with her relaxed attitude and shiny jacket. We just love how she pulls off this Farrah Fawcett feathered style with a big smile on her face – it makes us want to try this at home.

#8: Relaxed Beauty

Being a celebrity isn’t as glamorous as it might seem—sometimes a girl just needs to relax with a cute hat and a cup of coffee. Let’s take a page out of Beyonce’s stylebook and just learn to use a hairbrush and let our hair do its own thing.

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#9: Asymmetrical Bob

Okay, we’re not going to lie sometimes we just want to look like Cleopatra—there’s nothing wrong with that. Why does everything always have to be symmetrical in life; if you’re up for this challenge get a cute bob with one side a little longer. Add some dry shampoo and scrunch your hair with your fingers to get Beyonce’s textured look.

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#10: Ombre Waves

This hair color would definitely be fun to try out sometime—I’m sure it would be a nice challenge for your hairstylist as well. If you want to play it up a bit you could substitute Beyonce’s blonde and chocolate colors for something a bit bolder like cotton candy pink and seafoam green!

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#11: Cornrow Queen

Okay, we’re stepping back to Beyonce’s days as a part of Destiny’s Child – only Beyonce could pull off this look so elegantly, and we’re starting to wonder if she’ll ever be reunited with this style and her former band members. Although, we did get to see them perform together during the Superbowl XLVII halftime show in 2013.

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#12: Classy Low Ponytail

Beyonce could look elegant in anything, but it’s this classy low ponytail that we all want to be able to pull off so well. If you want to add something a little extra take a strand and wrap it around your hair tie, clipping it back with a few bobby pins or a cute sparkly hair accessory.

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#13: Big Hair, Don’t Care

You know that saying “go big or go home”? Well, I think Beyonce took that quite literally with this wild half up-do in a stunning way. She embraced her ’60s love child with a giant bouffant, and if you want to copy her look check out this tutorial.

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#14: Blunt Bangs

Beyonce rocked the blunt bangs look, but she sadly hasn’t went back to the style in quite some time. Remember that blunt bangs don’t have to be forever especially if you’ve always wanted to try the look out yourself-check out some of these great clip-in bang options!

#15: Crimped Cutie

I think one of the first styles I learned how to do was the crimp and only because I was obsessed with all of Lizzie Mcguire’s styles, but as soon as I saw this Beyonce take on the crimped look I knew that I had to share it! It’s super easy! Just do a few extremely tight braids after a shower and leave them in overnight. When you undo them in the morning add some hairspray and play around with the look.

#16: Dutch-Braided Bun

Queen Bey looked especially enchanting with a Dutch fishtail low bun and feathered ensemble. We might not be able to pull off the glamorous outfit, but I know we can pull off the beautiful hairstyle – especially with the help of this tutorial!

#17: Sassy Side Braid

Sometimes celebrities like to pull off a Disney princess look; in this case, Beyonce looked like Elsa with the braid and sparkly blue outfit. If you’re worried about how neat your braid is – it’s okay to let it go as wild as you want.

#18: Hats Off to Style

Everyone has those days where our hair just isn’t cooperating. We’ve fussed with it for hours to learn that hats are a girl’s best friend, especially on our worst hair days. Even celebrities like Beyonce take advantage of them so often!

#19: Caramel Curls

Beyonce always looks incredible – but the caramel hair color brings out the bright notes in her complexion. It makes me want to lighten my hair a bit, and I’m sure you feel the same way with Springtime just around the corner.

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#20: Bold, Black Hair

Beyonce looked incredibly herself when she was spotted with black hair, but the interesting thing about this style was that it wasn’t entirely dark-she left some lighter strands that faded nicely and made the look more natural.

Beyonce is always able to impress her fans-no matter if it’s in the studio working on her latest album, Lemonade or rocking her amazing Beyonce hair. We love her for all of her amazing talent and unique hairstyle ideas.

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