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When you play the awesome (read: cage-fighting) Colleen Wing on Netflix’s Marvel’s Iron Fist—and the follow-up series, Marvel’s The Defenders, later this year—there’s only so much downtime to work with. Here’s how Jessica Henwick spends hers.

Age: 24

Lives in: London

You know her from: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and Game of Thrones (2015)

What do you do in your downtime? “Bushcrafting. It’s about learning the old ways: foraging, fishing, and building a shelter in the woods. I grew up in the English countryside, raising ducks and chickens. I was a real wild kid, spending much more time outdoors than I ever did indoors.”

Close Encounters of the Turtle Kind. These guys kept sneaking up on me in Hawaii. #Fans

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Go-to getaway? “When I’m traveling, I like extremes. It’s nice for me to go to Canada in the mountains where it’s snowing or to Cambodia where it’s stifling. I really want to do Machu Picchu and backpack around New Zealand.”

“I was a real wild kid, spending much more time outdoors than I ever did indoors.”

Craziest adventure? “I went snorkeling between tectonic plates in Iceland’s Silfra fissure in the winter. You have to wear thermal layers and a wet suit and what’s called a “teddy-bear suit” so you don’t die of hypothermia. My lips still went blue. That was an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life—so beautiful and so quiet.”

That time I swam between tectonic plates. EDIT: That time I almost FROZE between tectonic plates.

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Fantasy life? “If I could choose any video-game universe to live in: Pokémon. I had Pokémon Blue on the old-school Game Boy Color. I’d be a very good Pokémonmaster.”

Guilty pleasure? “I am addicted to the TV show Survivor. I would love to go on that show, except I think it’s possibly quite damaging to an actor’s career to reveal your truest self. My agents would kill me.”

Follow her: @JHenwick

This article appears in the July issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now.

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