Evan Rachel Wood’s Red Carpet Hair Evolution

Few are the stars who have the chutzpah to take near-constant risks with their hairstyle, but Evan Rachel Wood has made a career out of it. She doesn’t shy away from colors or cuts; you name it, she’s been it—long, short, dark, light, and everything in between. (Though it is often worn in an upsweep—”When you’re really dressing up, I love to see all the lines of the neck and back,” she says.) Allure sat down with the 24-year-old actor and face of Gucci Guilty Intense, and took a walk down hair memory lane.

2004: Golden Globe Awards

“This was when I was nominated for a Golden Globe for Thirteen. I was just 16 and I was just, you know, wide-eyed and nervous. I don’t think I knew what my style was at that point, so I was playing it neutral. But I do remember that I wanted to do more fun things, and everyone was advising me to stay as innocent and natural as possible.”

evan rachel wood 2005 critics choice awards

2005: Critics’ Choice Awards

“I was loving Veronica Lake hair at this point in my life. I was so into that old Hollywood look, and I loved that dress too. This is one of my favorites even to this day.”

evan rachel wood life before her eyes screening

2008: Screening for The Life Before Her Eyes

“Some people were scared of this dark, glam rock-y, goth look, but I thought it was super fun. I loved the green eye shadow and the pink lipstick. I was very into makeup, hair, and nails. I wasn’t nervous about going that dark. At that point, I knew not everyone was going to like what I was doing.”

evan rachel wood redhead

2009: Screening for Whatever Works

“I had so much fun being a redhead. I worked with Nicole Kidman on Practical Magic when I was a kid, and she had this really pale skin and amazing red hair, and I thought it just looked gorgeous. She’s somebody that I look to as a beauty icon because she has skin like mine.”

evan rachel wood gucci icon 2009

2009: Opening of the Gucci Icon Temporary Boutique

“These were shot one day apart, and the red is warmer. They dyed my hair for The Conspirator. I loved the makeup for both of these looks.”

evan rachel wood vh1 critics choice awards

2012: VH1 Critics’ Choice Awards

“Marcus Francis in L.A. did the cut and the color. He’s great. I’ve always wanted to do this look. And yeah, I’m liking the blonde!”

evan rachel wood 2012 BAFTA

2012: BAFTA LA 18th Annual Awards Season Party

“I love the duck tail! Everyone’s always saying you can’t do a lot with short hair, but it’s so not true. It surprises me every day. And any time it grows the slightest bit, the whole thing changes.”


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