Gigi Hadid Evian Met Gala Interview – Gigi Hadid Rupaul Drag Queen Comments

Gigi Hadid is a supermodel—that’s a fact. But the recently-turned-21-year-old, despite being one of the biggest names out there right now, is also—perhaps surprisingly—sweet and charming when I greet her on the terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel, where she’s representing Evian as its newest spokeswoman. From two feet away, she spots my Lego earrings—”I love those!” she exclaims in a low, slightly raspy voice before launching into a sincere request for me to watch the Lego documentary if I haven’t already. (I haven’t.)

Sitting next to her, it’s easy to understand why she’s in high demand. She’s gorgeous, sure, but there’s also a sense of calm and maturity beneath the surface. She’s refreshing. In a sea of pretty faces, Hadid knows there’s more to being It than just being nice to look at.

Here, she talks everything from bucket lists to living young—and, of course, Rihanna.


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Marie Claire: The slogan for your Evian campaign is “Live Young.” What does that mean to you?

Gigi Hadid: I’ve always looked at people like Carine Roitfeld, Donatella Versace, DVF…people who when you walk on a set you feel like they still have so much excitement for what they’re doing every day and they just have so much youth even though they’ve been doing it for so long. I feel like that’s how I connect to it. Every day just working to keep a young spirit—because even when you’re young that’s hard to do, because you get so caught up in things. I just think it’s so important to make an effort every day to have a young spirit. Then when you get older, you always kind of keep that.

MC: And as far as living young on the inside but also on the outside, do you have any beauty rituals to keep you looking fresh every day?

GH: I mean honestly, like, my mom always said the most important thing is to stay hydrated. My mom wasn’t really into using too many products or us wearing too much makeup, so the one thing that I always grew up with—as an athlete and even into modeling—was that staying hydrated is so important. And having Evian with me on set has been such a big part of keeping up my energy and staying fresh, with good skin and everything else. I mean, if you’re not hydrated, nothing is good—your skin isn’t, your workout’s not as good. It’s just so important.