Kanye West and Travis Scott Music Video for Piss on Your Grave

Hot off the heels of releasing two new songs to SoundCloud like it was NBD, Kanye West just debuted a new music video with Travis Scott. The theme? Urinating on gravestones—hence the title, “Piss on Your Grave.”

The song is from Scott’s album, Rodeo, and Kanye—while technically a featured artist—raps the following amazingly Kanye-ish lyrics: “I’ll use your face as a urinal/then do the same at your funeral/piss on your grave/piss on your grave/piss on your grave.”

The accompanying video involves a mudslide of skeletons and *maybe* urine, while the source of Kanye and Scott’s contention appears to be studio executives. (At least that’s what we’re getting from Kanye’s verse, “This one here for the executives/f—k you and all of your relatives.)

Angst toward execs aside, the Nabil-directed video does not appear on Kanye’s artist-driven Tidal, but rather as an Apple Music exclusive. Watch it below:

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