Kylie Jenner Is Accused of Repackaging Old Lip Kit Shades As New Colors

Following a few recent controversies, including accusations of copyright infringement and off-putting lipstick scents, now Kylie Jenner is accused of repackaging old lip kit hues and re-selling them as new shades. Well, one shade of her matte lipstick in particular—Blitzen, from her holiday collection. The accusation is that Blitzen is exactly the same as a shade as Spice, which is a color in the main assortment.

The possible rebranding of Spice as Blitzen rubs fans the wrong way, not only because it feels deceptive to them, but also because there’s a price differential between the two raspberry plum shades. Spice, which is sold as a lipstick and lip liner duo, retails for $29, while Blitzen, which was sold as a 4-piece matte lipstick kit during the holidays, retailed for $45. While we see the $16 markup as fair considering the holiday kit included twice as much product, Kylie Cosmetics fans are still irked. To many of them, if you say “limited-edition”—and charge more money as a result of that rarity—you’d better be releasing something that isn’t already sitting in their medicine cabinets.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Limited Edition Holiday Lip Kit, was $45.