Margarita Levieva Interview – Ashton Kutcher Spread

Why she’s on our radar: The 29-year-old former Russian Olympic gymnast is nothing if not flexible in the risqué flick Spread, as an elusive siren who tames Ashton Kutcher’s hardened gigolo.

HER SHTICK: Playing the smarty-pants seductress.

AS SEEN IN: Adventureland, as tilt-a-whirl hottie Lisa P.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: “Spread is pretty explicit. There’s a lot of sex. In Russia, people wouldn’t think twice about it—commercials there have nudity.”

BOY WONDER: “He’s the eye candy,” Levieva says of her costar Kutcher. “He’s got a lot of charm and presence, and he’s also quite boyish. Women don’t feel threatened by him, they feel protected.”

THE OTHER WOMAN: “At first I was like, ‘Great, here’s his wife,'” she says of Demi Moore, who hung out on set while Levieva and Kutcher filmed racy pool scenes. “But Demi wasn’t sitting with her arms folded, guarding her man. She was there as a partner, watching the man she loves work.”

SEPARATED AT BIRTH: “I don’t usually have those ‘twin experiences’ that people talk about,” Levieva says of her twin brother, Michael, a businessman in Moscow. “But last summer I was at a meditation retreat, and I completely felt my brother, as if his heart were inside of me. I called him later, and he said he’d had a rough weekend, and that was exactly how I felt.”

HER TWO CENTS: What does the econ major think of the recession? “I grew up in communist Russia where we didn’t have anything, so I’m not worried that I can’t buy an extra pair of shoes.”