Tina Fey David Letterman Spanx Interview – Tina Fey Spanx

After making more than 20 appearances on Letterman because she lives nearby and celebrities apparently cancel all the time, Tina Fey gave the talk-show legend a farewell present/lesson he won’t soon forget.

The hijinks began when the soon-to-retire Late Show host complimented Fey on her embellished dress, to which she replied 1) “Thank you.” Then 2) “I don’t know if you’re aware of the contraptions under here—it’s almost medical. And I’m terrible in heels. I dress up like this out of respect for you.”

Then, as a way to commemorate her promise that that would be her “last time wearing a fancy dress on at talk show and conforming to gender norms out of respect to you,” she took it off, revealing both her shapewear and a leotard printed with “Bye Dave” and #LastDressEver.

There was so much applause.

Hilarious, yes, but also educational and an oh-so-subtle comment on societal expectations of women. You hit it out of the park, Tina Fey, just like you always do.