Cave Drawings Theory on Game of Thrones – Meaning Behind Cave Drawings on Game of Thrones

Remember how Jon Snow, filled with satisfaction over the fact that he finally knows something, dragged Daenerys into that cave to show her a bunch of drawings during Sunday’s Game of Thrones? The point of the excursion was for Jon to prove that their ancestors put aside personal grievances to fight a common enemy: The White Walkers. But the drawings themselves have a larger significance—as Reddit was quick to notice.



“There are a number of symbols on the walls, some of them are supposed to remind us of patterns we’ve seen before going back to the very first geometric pattern on the show, which was the weird array of body parts that the White Walkers made,” explains executive producer/writer David Benioff. “One of the things we learned from those cave paintings is that the White Walkers didn’t come up with those images. They derived them from their creators, the Children of the Forest. These are patterns that have mystical significance for the Children of the Forest.”