Sophie Turner Teases Sansa/Cersei Connection at Game of Thrones Comic-Con Panel

Today, several members of the Game of Thrones cast turned out for the show’s highly-anticipated panel at San Diego Comic-Con. While several clues were dropped about Season 7, one particularly standout moment came when Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, fielded a question about how everything Sansa has been through has changed the character.

When panel host Kristian Nairn (who Thrones fans know better as Hodor) asked Sophie, “Does Sansa retain any of her ideas about love, marriage, and being happy, or is she now of the opinion that men are just after her for what they can get from her?”

“I don’t think she’s like Season 1 Sansa…she’s not really looking for a relationship or love at the moment—I think she’s kind of done with that. Um, I think, you know, she’s always on the search for happiness, but she doesn’t see the world through rose-tinted glasses anymore,” Turner explained. “In terms of seeing men in a different light…I think she sees the world in a different light.”

Okay, fair enough. If you’ve even followed the internet headlines generated by Sansa’s storyline, you know that’s fair. But what Turner said next is what really caught our attention.

“She’s woke now guys, she’s real woke,” Turner joked, adding, “She’s cautious, she trusts no one—whether it be man or woman, whether a family member or not, she trusts no one and I think that’s important when you play the game of thrones.”

Turner’s tone got very mischievous when she said “when you play the game of thrones,” which is significant. The character who famously uttered that phrase was none other than Cersei Lannister herself, way back in Season 1: