Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones Finale Reddit Theory – Did Tyrion Lannister Betray Jon and Dany on Game of Thrones?

The first big post-finale Game of Thrones fan theory is here, and it’s a good one. You may have noticed that Tyrion was creepily lurking outside the door while Jon and Daenerys made sweet, incestual love—but it might not have simply been because he was grossed out.

According to a new Reddit theory, Tyrion’s weird reaction to seeing Jon and Dany together has everything to do with the fact that he betrayed them—or at least hid the truth from them:

“I’m thinking Tyrion may have told Cersei before she walked back into the Dragon Pit to just tell Daenerys and Jon what they wanted to hear so that the meeting ended in good terms. It seemed to be an important aspect of the meeting to tell a lie. So I’m thinking Tyrion actually knows that Cersei won’t back down and that she plans to attack while they are away and that is why he is so disappointed while Jon and Dany are doing the dirty because he knows that the truce is all a facade.”