10 Manly Hair Trendsetters of Instagram

Men’s hairstyles have held a reputation for being a little less exciting than women’s hairstyles for far too long— “man buns” have rocked social media as a trend for a few months, and so we know things are getting dire. These Instagram cuts and styles prove there’s so much more out there for men’s hair inspiration. These guys weren’t afraid to challenge norms and step away from the world of bland $10 haircuts. Check out these manly hairstyles on Instagram — these guys are sure to make a great first impression with their style senses.

#1: Rocking a Topknot

William Tyler, a very popular artist, model and sports lover, proves that a top knot is not just for women anymore. This photo shows his long locks tied into a loose messy topknot. His thick beard is still neatly groomed to keep his look simple and natural. Side note: can we please retire the word man bun forever? Just let the men wear buns!

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#2: Tapered Curls for Natural Hair

Jamal Jackson, menswear influencer and trendsetting blogger Style Society Guy, is one of the most fashionable men on the internet—his hairstyle is no exception. The fashion blogger posted a shot of his incredible street style look from New York Fashion Week layering a grey suit with edgy kicks, a denim jacket and a leather jacket. As impressed as we were with his ensemble, we were totally distracted by his spotlight-stealing haircut. Immaculate edges, close cropped sides and playful volume on top are what make this cut so amazing.

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#3: Modern, Playful Cut

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has branched out in a solo career, and his incredible hair evolution has mirrored his career choices. The English singer and songwriter is currently rocking an edgy cut with trimmed facial hair, short sides and a playful quiff on top. This modern cut makes Zayn look better than ever—and he’s already set himself a high bar for standards.

#4: Close Crop with Edgy, Soft Style

Chuck Junior Achike has made a name for himself as an edgy male model and his cool close-cropped hairstyle doesn’t hurt his career. The London model of Nigerian descent rocks shaved sides and about a quarter inch of length on top. The honey-blonde color manages to be both edgy and soft and suits him perfectly.

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#5: Tame Cascading Curls Style

American model and painter Miles McMillan has curls for days, and he’s rocked just about every hairstyle with them. We love the extra length he has in this picture. Finger tousled waves with just a little frizz control product can help naturally curly textures shine. Keeping the sides trimmed to control the shape keeps this no-fuss style from looking messy and out of control.

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#6: Length on Top

Josh Heuston from Sydney, Australia just might have one of the best hairstyles on Instagram; he rocks his style with a lot of length on top, buzzed sides and neatly trimmed facial hair. We love the versatility of the length on top, which can be combed back or left hanging over one side—the neat edges and sides keep the cut youthful and fresh.

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#7: Youthful Blonde Locks

Chinese singer Luhan is a former member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M. We’re seriously loving his voluminous ash blond locks that fall just over his eyebrows. The part gives his hairstyle a youthful quality. It also proves men shouldn’t shy away from coloring their hair. Trying a new color can radically change your appearance, not to mention the fact that it adds versatility and a lot of fun to your style.

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#8: Long Wavy Hairstyle

French model Willy Cartier, who has been linked to Frank Ocean, is the perfect example of long, flowing locks done right. His natural texture is a little wavy, and he wears his hair in several styles, including pulled back into a ponytail, tied into a bun or braided. The key to rocking this chest length style is keeping hair healthy, avoiding high heat styling products and wearing leave-in hair masks once a week will keep longer hair looking its best.

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#9: Polished Fade

We love Broderick Hunter’s cut because it’s perfectly balanced. The length on top lets his natural hair texture shine and serves as a counter point to his well-groomed facial hair and a clean fade keeps his sides looking sharp. This is what a skilled barbershop cut done right looks like.

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#10: Classic and Clean

Brazilian model Thiago Lazzarato keeps his hairstyle classic and clean, so he always looks like he’s ready to step out of a Golden Age film. The clearly defined part and clean lines of this cut work well with his naturally thick hair. To achieve the slicked back look, he likely uses a medium-hold hair gel while styling.

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We’re hoping these trendsetters will provide some amazing hair inspiration the next time you’re tired of finding only man buns on the internet. Men have the ability to use versatile hairstyles to their advantage and these Instagram looks definitely prove that.