Blogger Aliss Bonython Is Getting Real About the Trouble With Swimsuit Sizing

“The reality of bikini shopping as a plus-size woman,” plus-size blogger Aliss Bonython captioned an Instagram photo of herself frowning in a white bikini. Her qualm? That the swimsuit industry is failing curvy women when it comes to fit, leading to frustrating experiences in the dressing room — and an unnecessary feeling of inadequacy on the part of the shopper.

“I used to get so disheartened when I would go shopping for swimwear with my friends who had no issue finding them,” Bonython continued in her caption. “I’ve always had too much boobs/ass/hips to wear straight-sized bikinis.” Bonython explains that she’s moved beyond those feelings, saying, “Instead of punishing myself and my body for not fitting into this narrow ideal of sexy, I just look elsewhere,” she still wants to shed light on the issue.

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“I think a lot of brands feel like there’s no market there, but they’re so wrong,” the 21-year-old plus-size blogger told Yahoo Style when asked about her viral post. “So many of my followers are always asking where I get bikinis/lingerie because they can never find any!” Bonython champions Swimsuits for All for being the exception to the rule. The swim retailer not only makes suits in a wide range of sizes but also offers variations in cuts and cup sizing that cater to many body shapes. Not to mention it’s also made plus-size swimsuit shopping more fashionable as the brand has collaborated with women like Ashley Graham and Gabi Fresh.

Still there is plenty of room for the plus-size swimwear industry to expand — and, judging by the captions on Aliss Bonython’s post echoing her frustration, it can’t come soon enough.


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