*Buffy the Vampire Slayer* Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Merch Line

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the cult-loved teen vampire show that came along way before The Vampire Diaries series was ever a thing, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. In addition to re-airing the two-part premiere episode from 1997 on Pop on March 10 at 9 A.M. ET (because who needs to work when there are Buffy reruns to watch?), Fox is also releasing a line of merch with several licensing partners throughout the course of the year. Sounds a bit familiar, eh?.

The merch falls in two camps: collectibles for serious gamers and wearable items for fashion fans. In the former camp, you’ve got adult coloring books, board games, comic books, and even a Buffy encyclopedia, which runs an impressive 208 pages. The latter line includes graphic T-shirts, goth jewelry, a remake of Willow’s iconic ’90s sweater (it has daisies on it, naturally), and one serious Buffy-inspired leather trench coat. Here’s a look at some of the items in the range, which will be sold on Amazon and Hot Topic (a.k.a. your favorite ‘00s mall store), depending on the item.

Prepare to literally slay.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Merch Line

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