Thakoon for Kohl’s Interview – Thakoon for Kohl’s Collection

When London calls, you answer. And the Big Smoke was definitely calling out to Thakoon Panichgul when he was asked to choose a city for his DesigNation collection for Kohl’s.

The seventh designer tapped for the collab series, Panichgul was tasked with marrying his Thakoon aesthetic—feminine-meets-tomboy-mystique—with the paradoxical sophistication and playfulness of British style.

For us, that translates to classic menswear-inspired tailoring remixed with English rose prints, plaids, and checks. The essentials? Crisp blouses, chunky knits, sleek mini-skirts, and slouchy trousers, with price tags that all fall under $200.

As of today, you can shop the collection online at, and look out for the wares to hit stores on September 10.


Courtesy of Kohl’s; Design by Katja Cho

Earlier this summer, we visited the set of the Thakoon for Kohl’s lookbook shoot, and got the lowdown from Panichgul about his creative process, infatuation with London, and styling tricks for the pieces. The latter of we can exclusively reveal in the clips below.

Marie Claire: So, why London of all destinations?

Thakoon Panichgul: “It’s one of my favorite places to visit because there is so much history, but also this modern sort of excitement and culture. And it’s really a place that has a lot of different energy that I love. Aesthetically and stylistically, it’s quite beautiful. The girls there really know how to dress in a way that is playful and feminine, but not too feminine. They have a boyish sense, a sort of tomboy quality that I really love. These are the kind of qualities I look for even when I design my own collections, so when we were first thinking of a city to go to and be inspired it was London because it was really true to Thakoon aesthetic.”

MC: What about London culture strikes a chord with you most?

TP: “There is just a lot of young energy there, a lot of good artists are coming out of there, a lot of fashion–interesting, high-skewing fashion, as well as sort of weird fashion. It’s nice to go around and absorb all of that.”