What to Wear to a Wedding – How to Style a Sundress for a Summer Wedding

According to a study commissioned by American Express, we’re spending $703 per wedding on average this year, up five percent from 2015. There’s no line-item breakdown, but from our own experiences with panicky Rent the Runway orders and wild goose chases for off-registry gifts because everything left is, like, Sèvres porcelain, the emotional cost is even higher. And that’s even before the fashion.

No more—here, we share our dead-easy formula for dressing like a good little wedding guest but using pieces you *haven’t* anxiety-bought the night before.

Step 1: Take one sundress

You know the rules: No white. No black. No consciously trying to upstage the bride.

Step 2: Add big earrings

Because they’re fun and automatically project “I’m being fancier than usual in honor of your Important Day!” (Even if you’re really just there for the passed hors d’oeuvres to support your friends.)

Step 3: Mix in an up-do

The better to show off Step 2, plus it says “I put in *some* effort in exchange for drinking your Champagne and eating your bacon-wrapped dates.” Let Pandora show you how it’s done.

Babybel ⭕️

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Step 4: Throw in some heels

High if you’ve got the skills; mid and chunky if it’s outdoors; low if you’re here to get down.

Step 5: ������


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