Bradley Cooper Has Dad Hair and I’m Obsessed

The normally press-shy Bradley Cooper has been all over the place recently, hitting the pumpkin patch and the beach with his lady love Irina Shayk and their daughter Lea. The baby is adorable. Given her genes, not exactly a shocker there.

And while yes, babies are cute, what’s just as notable about the trio is Cooper’s hair. It’s just the right amount of shaggy, with a dash of perfectly unkempt and a sprinkle of messy. In short, it’s the 2017 equivalent of Divine Dad Hair. It looks like he rolled out of bed, went for a run, dragged his hands through it, and then let nature do its thing.

“The recent progression of men’s hairstyle trends has seen extreme transition. It went from the man-bun to tight sides with a long top. Bradley Cooper’s hairstyle is somewhere in the handsome middle,” Kristan Serafino, who grooms Shawn Mendes and Ryan Reynolds, tells Allure. “This casual hairstyle could very easily be a new trend away from the higher maintenance of the two previous trends. If a man is transitioning from short sides, then be certain to have your stylist continue to trim the top so the new length on the sides blends gradually. Remember, you want to keep looking good between trends.”

Serafino’s pro tip for those looking for some Cooper luster: “As you grow out the sides, mix up your hair products. The hair products for shorter hair may not provide the best results. Along with a new overall length comes several hairstyle options, requiring different hair care products. Have fun and don’t do boring!”

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