Emma Roberts Has Brunette Hair Again and It’s Pretty Awesome

Emma Roberts is that you? The last time we saw the actress, she was a beautiful red head sashaying on the red carpet at the Oscars, and now Emma Roberts has brunette hair.

While most of us are strategizing on ways to lighten our hair for the upcoming warmer seasons, Roberts is thinking the complete opposite. She opted for a darker, flattering shade that makes her pink-toned complexion really glow.

For the darker color she turned to her go-to stylist, Nikki Lee, who is also responsible for Roberts’ flawless cayenne spice color. We’re not sure if she used Pure Abba hair-care products again to lock in the color, but we’re guessing her mention of #Olaplex in a caption of an Instgram photo that shows off Roberts new look, can only means she’s using the treatment to restore any remaining broken bonds that occurred during the color transformation.

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“#SmokyQuartz for my next movie �� thanks to the best @nikkilee901 @kelcey901 @ninezeroone ❤️” she captioned in her Instagram photo that debuted her new look.


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We’re so excited to see what she’ll do next.

Thinking about going brunette, too? You’ll want to watch this video on hair color mistakes first: