Hairstylist Creates Amazing Beads and Braids Looks to Help Girls Embrace Their Curls and Kinks

You may have come across Deanna Crumsey’s now-viral emoji beads and braids hairstyle on your Twitter or Instagram feeds and thought, “that’s so adorable,” before wondering how in the heck she created those beaded designs. The Detroit-based stylist created an emoji bead design for Facebook user Jasmere Cabil’s 7-year-old daughter A’meya. Cabil shared an image of her little one’s hair to Facebook, captioning a series of images, “My baby getting birthday fine for her emoji skating party tomorrow.” It’s since received over 14,000 shares.

emoji beads and braids
Courtesy Deanna Crumsey

We had to track Deanna down to find out her process for creating such an elaborate look. “My technique for creating the emoji beading hairstyle was having a picture of the emoji and using a transparent sheet of grid paper,” she explained. “By placing the grid over the picture, I was able to see how many rows and columns were needed for the braids and beads.” Deanna’s an old pro when it comes to these kinds of designs. Five years ago, she came up with the idea to incorporate words into her bead designs. While there’s no denying that Deana’s creations are beautifully crafted, it’s more than just braids and beads for the stylist. She creates these looks for young girls to instill in them confidence and self-esteem. She explained:

unicorn beads and braids
Courtesy Deanna Crumsey

“My craft is used to help build self-esteem and confidence in young girls. We all know that it starts while they’re young. I want them to look in the mirror to see and speak those words into the atmosphere and believe the beauty that’s inside of them. Not only will it boost their confidence, but it will encourage others to do the same, increasing positive energy all around them. I have a gift of encouragement and I love what I do. These young girls need to be uplifted as much as possible. If I can change one mind at a time, then I’ll do it by any means necessary. My motto is, ‘Make her believe in herself so she won’t have to believe in what others say she is.'”

beads and braids cute
Courtesy Deanna Crumsey

Excuse us while we book a trip to Detroit to experience this black girl magic for ourselves.

i rock beads and braids
Courtesy Deanna Crumsey

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