How to Cut Layered Bangs Without Ruining Your Hair

If you want to get bangs without making a trip the salon, you 100 percent can. Don’t believe us? Beauty blogger Camila Bravo is a pro at breaking down how to cut layered bangs at home. She showcased her go-to technique in a quick video on Instagram, and her DIY bang video now was more than 410,00 views. We sat down with Bravo to find out exactly how to cut layered bangs ourselves in five easy steps.

1. Dampen your hair.

Cutting damp hair is best, so do plan to cut your bangs after you’ve towel-dried following showering. Or, like Bravo, you can simply mist your hair with a spray bottle filled with water to get it dampen it.

2. Part your hair.

“Grab a comb and part your hair starting from side to side, creating a half-moon shape,” she tells Allure. “Your guide points should be the middle of each eyebrow.”

3. Twist your hair.

To keep the layers from looking too blunt, twisting the hair is imperative. “You need to twist your hair so that when you cut it, it will have a layered effect,” Bravo explains. Plus, when you cut it this way, each strand will be snipped at different lengths. The difference will be very slight but enough to soften the bangs and give you that gorgeous layered look.

4. Decide where to cut.

When it comes to where to place your scissors, it depends on how long you want to bangs to be and your hair type. Bravo goes by this rule: “If you have straight hair, cut it at your mouth; if you have wavy hair, cut it right below your mouth; and if you have curly hair, cut it near your chin.” If you have wavy or curly strands, they’ll end up falling shorter on your face, so you need that extra room.

Scissors matter, also. Don’t just grab the nearest pair of kitchen shears. Use the smallest scissors you have. The smaller the scissors, the more control you’ll have over the cut. And yes, that means you can use manicure scissors. Or, you can order a pair of professional hair-cutting scissors.

5. Shake and dry.

After you snip, shake your new bangs out, comb them through with a round brush, and blast them with a blow dryer. Turn your brush inward toward your face and roll the hair through. Also, point the blower dryer downward for smooth hair that falls lightly around your face and creates those face-framing layers.

Voila! It’s like having a brand-new haircut that doesn’t cost a penny and takes less than 10 minutes to do. Bravo’s one last tip: Always cut your bangs longer than you want at first. “If you’re just doing this for the first time, always cut your hair longer than the desired length,” she says. “You can touch them up by cutting them a little shorter if you think the length was still too long.”

You can see the complete process in action below.


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Need some layered bang inspiration? Here are some looks we love.

1. Penélope Cruz’s fringe.

Cruz is all about a layered bang look, and here’s a perfect example of how fierce layered bangs can make you look.

EE British Academy Film Awards - Winners Room
Dave J Hogan

2. Brigitte Bardot vibes.

Brigitte Bardot was famous for her piece-y, messy, oh-so-sexy hair, completely with shaggy bangs that gave her eyes a come-hither peek-a-boo effect. Singer-songwriter Perish pulls off the look effortlessly.


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3. Long and layered.

Layered bangs can come in all lengths. These bangs with long layer frame L.A.-based fashion blogger Katie Fang’s face beautifully. Just like Bravo explained, the trick to cutting your bangs longer is to snip the hair longer than you ultimately want the bangs to fall. When your bangs are wound up in the twist, make your cut an inch below your jawline. Then, lightly adjust them until they sit precisely at your jaw. From there, you’ll have a look just like this one.


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4. Swipe them to the side.

Create a side-bang effect with layered bangs by misting on a little hairspray and combing the pieces lightly the side like Reese Witherspoon. When your bangs are layered, it’s especially pretty as the pieces stand out.

Getty Images

5. Down the middle.

Turn up the sass when you separate your strands to fall to each side.


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