‘Khloé Blonde’ Balayage Hair Color Is Inspired by Khloé Kardashian

Balayage blonde and beachy waves — by now, Khloé Kardashian’s hair has become her signature. And signature looks in the Kardashian-Jenner crew often inspire folks in real life. Case in point: over in Washington, hairstylist Miriam Santana created a hair color inspired solely by the reality star, and it’s named (shocker) “Khloé Blonde.”

“My client really wanted to try out something new since she was going through a significant change in her life,” Santana tells Allure. Kardashian’s hair is particularly unique as she’s one of the few celebs to get to blonde gradually. “She went through all the stages of lift and it’s a lot more attainable to take a similar route.”

Miriam Santana/Instagram

The key here is to take it s-l-o-w. Santana notes the look works best on virgin hair as the transformation is “quite the process” but it can still be achieved for those with colored hair. Her client came in for her first visit back in January while her hair had black and red dyes. Starting off, Santana chopped off four to five inches to protect its overall health — and hey, lobs happen to be the “it” cut right now, so that’s a plus. It took her two sessions (five months apart) to get the final result.

In her Instagram post, you can see the client’s hair during the five-month grow-out phase where a large part of her natural color peeked through the blonde dye. This made for the ideal canvas for the second session, as the various colors and darker roots allow for a more natural-looking effect, which is the whole concept of balayage. Each session lasted three to four hours, so if you’re planning on getting it done, get ready to sit back and grab a few magazines while waiting. “For my clients who are natural brunettes, I always tell them to book for foilayage,” says Santana. “It’s a service I do that fuses together traditional foils and balayage to achieve an overall lighter look in a shorter time span.”