Regretting That Chop? How Hairstylist Garren Changed My Perspective on My \\\

A couple of months ago, I cut my hair from just below my bra line to just below my chin. It felt amazing—for five minutes. Then I passed a twentysomething girl with the long ombré waves formerly known as my long ombré waves, and I wanted to weep. I had made a serious mistake.

My friends all claimed to love it, but I suspected they were just saying that because they were thrilled that my short hair eliminated me from N.Y.C.’s giant pool of eligible bachelorettes. (This was the kind of not-quite-normal thing I thought about a lot in those dark days.)

By May, I was feeling somewhat better, which is to say I still wanted to go back in time and get my old hair back. Then I talked to Garren, the hairstylist behind, among other beautiful looks, Victoria Beckham’s famous pixie. He said something that cut through my months-long hair malaise like an apple cider vinegar rinse through product buildup (another great Garren tip):

“Everyone’s finally freeing themselves and cutting their hair. When you notice a girl, it’s always someone who has some kind of cool haircut or has something that’s kind of sexy over one eye.” He had my attention. “All these little girls who have the long hair parted in the middle, what’s the look? There is no look.”

I felt silly for having wasted so much time feeling bad about my bob. If a man who makes his living doing hair can be so lighthearted about it, I can certainly find the silver lining in an abbreviated coif. And if I never love it? Who cares? As Garren wisely points out, “It’s hair. It grows!” In the meantime, I’ll enjoy what may be my only summer without a hot blanket of hair on my neck. I’m a girl with a cool haircut, at least for the time being.


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