Sasha Obama and Cardi B Both Had Blue Hair at Broccoli City Festival

I don’t typically make a habit of envying teenage girls (mostly because I distinctly remember how hard it was to be one), but when I do, that envy is usually aimed at Sasha Obama. Aside from having Barack and Michelle as parents, Sasha is beautiful, poised, well-adjusted, and as if that weren’t enough, she now has one of the coolest hair-color looks I’ve seen recently.

Sasha Obama has blue hair at Broccoli City Festival

The younger Obama sister was spotted in the VIP section of Washington D.C.’s Broccoli City Festival with a group of her friends last weekend, enjoying performances by artists like Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. She was looking casually fabulous with her extra-shiny lip gloss and trendy white Le Specs x Adam Selman sunglasses, but what really stood out was her mostly blue hair. Worn slightly wavy, the almost-teal tone started several inches from her roots and reached to the ends of her mid-back length.

Sasha Obama has blue hair at Broccoli City Festival

It’s unclear if Obama’s color was done with a permanent dye, a semipermanent color cream like Manic Panic, a color conditioner like Overtone, or a temporary spray, but what is clear is that the hue is definitely having a moment. Cardi B also attended the Broccoli City Festival with blue hair, opting for a more denim-like shade for her performance.

Cardi B has blue hair at Broccoli City Festival
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The two actually hung out backstage later that day, along with Cardi B’s fiancé, Offset, giving me yet another reason to envy the 16-year-old. (And I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way; People on Twitter pretty much lost their collective mind over photos of the three together.)

I was fully unprepared for this sudden and urgent desire to dye my hair blue. If you’re feeling a similar hankering, consider testing it out temporarily like I plan to do with Hush Prism Airbrush Spray in Blue Moon ($24,

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