Tracee Ellis Ross Shows Off Bone-Straight Hair on Instagram

Well, hello, Rainbow.

Tracee Ellis Ross, the Golden Globe–winning star of Black-ish, coolest mom on TV, intrepid fashion innovator, and vintage lover, just debuted one sleek, stunning new ‘do.

Yes, she’s now got “bone-straight hair,” as she posted on Instagram, and it’s all in the name of work.

She paired her new lewk with scarlet lips and of course, her incomparable joie de vivre.


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The new style is courtesy of Araxi Lindsey, the hairstylist on the hit ABC show. Lindsey has also worked with Zoe Kravitz and Jada Pinkett Smith, so clearly, she knows her way around gorgeous manes. The style, she tells Allure, is for an upcoming episode of the show. “Tracee’s character Rainbow Johnson is trying something new. I chose a hairstyle most African-Americans would call a ‘wrap.'” To those unfamiliar, she’s talking about a doobie wrap, where the straightened hair is wrapped around the head and secured with bobby pins. Rihanna famously rocked one to the 2013 American Music Awards, complete with pearl-encrusted bobby pins. “A wrap is a technique used to keep straight hair light, airy, with a lot of body. Without the wrap technique, most straight hairstyles would become heavy and lackluster,” says Lindsey.

This specific look, she says, took a minute to, ahem, wrap up.

“From start to finish, it usually takes two and a half hours to complete a wrap style on textured hair similar to Tracee’s. I take my time and use very minimal heat when styling Tracee’s hair,” says Lindsey.

Ross usually sports her natural, curly hair, which, no shock here, we are totally obsessed with. This is quite a departure from her usual look, but we absolutely love it.

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