Woman’s Mug Shot Goes Viral Thanks to Her Fresh Box Braids

Just ask Jeremy Meeks: Sometimes having your mug shot out there for the world to see can be a blessing in disguise. Charlotte, North Carolina–based hairstylist Shia Milan Yearwood learned this lesson after her mug shot — picturing her with a fresh set of box braids and laid, artfully swooped baby hairs — set the Internet on fire.

Yearwood, who spoke to Allure through Instagram direct messaging, was arrested on January 3 for violating an order of protection, according to WAFB. But those who caught a glimpse of her mug shot really weren’t interested in why she was arrested — they were trying to get the deets on her hairstyle. Yearwood posted the mug shot to her personal Twitter page and the requests for appointments came rolling in.

“I wanted to show people of Charlotte (because they [sic] been following what’s been going on) that no matter how hard someone tried to break me, I was going to look good. You weren’t going to see me on a mug shot with a black eye or looking sad or defeated,” Yearwood explained. Yup, Miss Thing not only didn’t the incident get to her, but it turns out it was also great for her business.

And can you blame people looking for appointments? Her braids are seriously crisp and her baby hairs are perfection.

Yearwood tells us she’s been braiding hair since she was seven and would braid her grandmother’s hair after she was involved in a bad car accident. She also notes that her godmother taught her everything she knows about hair.


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Yearwood’s spirits are sure up despite everything that’s transpired. She even gave us some hair tips. I mean, we had to know how she gets those edges so sleek!

“I use EcoStyler [gel] to lay them down and when they dry, [I] just spray some water on so it doesn’t cause damage,” she advises. “Braids are cute and fun but they are made to protect your natural hair so you still have to take care of them,” she continues. “Moisturize your braids, oil your scalp, trim the frizzy [braid] hair (makes them last longer). Wrap your hair with a scarf (to keep your edges laid) and get a big bonnet from the beauty-supply store and sleep with that every night.”

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