Cobra Braid

Yep, New York fashion week is still going on. And if you find yourself constantly rolling your eyes over all the high fashion and crazy makeup looks on your Instagram feed, we’ve got something here that could make you happier. Over the weekend, at the Leanne Marshall show, models wore an awesome braid that’s both obsession-worthy and wearable IRL.

Hairstylist Jon Reyman created a cobra braid, which is actually more of an intricate knot that replaces the boring elastic in your ponytail, for the show. The best part about it is that it’s totally appropriate for everyday wear. Here’s a step-by-step guide (with pictures!) of how Reyman created this masterpiece.

First, he prepped the model’s hair by blow-drying it with Aveda Thickening Tonic. Then he created a center part and divided her hair into three sections, like so:

aveda first step real
Mark Leibowitz

He pulled the center section into a ponytail, then took the left section, made a loop, and brought it over the ponytail base and then under the right section:

aveda first step
Mark Leibowitz

While holding that formation in place, Reyman took the right section under the ponytail base and pulled it through the loop on the left side, tightening them together to make a knot:

aveda third step
Mark Leibowitz

He repeated the whole process, starting on the right side, then continued the pattern on each side, making sure each knotted section was tightly.

aveda fourth step
Mark Leibowitz

This is what it looked like before he tucked the ends into the base of the ponytail and secured them with bobby pins:

aveda sixth step
Mark Leibowitz

And this is what it looked like after he secured the ends with pins and spritzed the look with Aveda Control Force Firm Hair Spray:

aveda final
Mark Leibowitz

Gorgeous, right? We hope to see Reyman’s cobra braid off the runway this year.

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