Do You Like Pretty Boys?

If you went to Smith or Mount Holyoke, the money is on your “type” being a guy like Robert Pattinson. (You know—a pretty boy whose features make you think that if he were a woman, he would be gorgeous…as opposed to the dudes who, however attractive as males, would look like Tootsie.) It’s all a matter of the “visual diet” you’ve been on, according to a joint study by several universities in England and Scotland. They found that heterosexual girls and young women who attend a single-sex school get used to seeing the faces of other women, and as a result, they tend to have a much stronger attraction to guys whose features could be described as “feminine.” The one factor that seemed to weaken this correlation was having a brother: male siblings tamped down their attraction toward the Jude Law types a bit. If you went to a single-sex school, does this study match your own dating taste?


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