Instagram Announces New “Focus” Mode and Mention Stickers

These Instagram updates just keep getting better. Last month, the popular social media app announced it would be making moves back to the chronological news feed we all know and love, and it had tested out a reposting feature just a couple days before that would make those regram apps obsolete. This latest feature is yet another bid at making sure you never leave Instagram, and it’s designed specifically for those who use the app as their main selfie method.

Instagram announced on Tuesday that its two latest updates are a feature called Focus and the @mention sticker. Focus, which should appear next to the Superzoom function under the record button when accessing Instagram’s camera function, works on both the front and back-facing cameras. Basically, once a person steps in the shot, the camera will blur the background so they stand out, just like in a professionally done portrait (or Apple’s own “Portrait Mode”). It’s kind of like the “tilt shift” editing tool on Instagram, except it focuses a whole person instead of a circular radius or a horizontal chunk.

Courtesy of Instagram

The other new function, the @mention sticker, is even more self-explanatory. Currently, in Stories, users have the option to cover a post in a variety of stickers and/or tag friend by typing their handles after the @ sign. The @mention sticker basically combines the two features so you can tag your friend with a big, bright sticker. Unfortunately for Android users, it’s only available in iOS, but Focus is available for both iPhone and select Android users.

instagram update photo
Composite. Courtesy of Instagram
Courtesy of Instagram

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to try taking some professional-looking headshots ASAP, and then tagging all our friends in them. Game. Changer.

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