Student Club Halts Sales of Pink \\\

A women’s rights club at a Long Island, New York, high school has been asked to stop selling pink “pussy hats” on school grounds, after a parent called to complain about the presence of “politics” on campus. According to NBC 4, the student group at Pierson Middle-High School in Sag Harbor had been selling the pink head warmers—made famous as a symbol of gender equality at the Women’s March on Washington—in order to raise money for women’s causes. The group was asked to stop selling the hats during school hours after local mother Janice D’Angelo called the school board to complain about the club’s on-campus activities.

“The hats represent a political notion, and it shouldn’t be brought into school,” D’Angelo told NBC 4 of her complaint. “During lunchtime, I don’t want my daughter subjected to a political issue at school.”

While the “pussy hats” are a political symbol of sorts, they first began cropping up as a show of female solidarity. They’re not officially aligned with a specific political group or agenda. According to club member and student Isabel Peters, the hat simply represents “feminism and equality for all.” Fellow member Allura Leggard went on to say, “I wear this hat because I feel empowered. I feel like an empowered woman.”

Pink hat

Fortunately, according to local parent Laura Perrotti, the club does not intend to stop selling the hats, despite the school’s request. In the words of club member and student Sarah Mac, “We’re fighting for what we believe in, and we won’t be stopped.” You go, girl.

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