How to Be One of the Guys – Girls Acting Like One of the Guys

A girl that’s truly “one of the guys” never has trouble attracting men. This type of girl is rare– I’ve only know a few: a friend from college (Jessica), an old work pal (Christina), and my little sister.

Why do guys love these types?It’s not a secret urge to date another guy (honestly).It’s every guy’s dream to implant the personality of his buddies into a hot girl.

With this type of girl, while the proverbial fences surround us-the pasture seems wider-there’s more freedom.

It’s impossible to change personalities, but here are elements that make a girl one of the guys:

They Don’t Try Too Hard

There are women who know tons about sports, and that’s great. But there are the women who spout a fact here or there or insist on being part of the conversation even if they aren’t experts while they are amongst male experts. It’s like the assistant who speaks up (and says the wrong thing) with senior management.

My sister, Jessica, and Christina all had varying degrees of sports interest-my little sister just showed up for the playoffs, Jessica is an avid Pittsburgh fan, and Christina is a casual fan of Detroit/Chicago teams-so it’s not about sports, or being in to “guy stuff.”

A girl just knows she’s one of the guys. She doesn’t have to prove it by saying things like: “I can hang with the guys, right?” That statement’s a pure give away that the speaker is not one of the guys.

They Aren’t Dramatic

We are all dramatic from time to time (yes, I’m a drama Queen), but girls who are one of the guysmanage to keep dramatic outbursts and situations to a minimum. They don’t get mad over petty things, they avoid drama, while some people thrive on drama.

They Aren’t High Maintenance

My mutual friends have gone on a few dates butthe girl gets annoyed when he doesn’t text back fast enough. The girls that I know who are one of the guys don’t care how long it takes someone to text. They are chill about all those little things that high maintenance girls care about.

They are laid back in crisis situations. When a plane is delayed at the airport, they take it in stride, and look for the humor in it instead of making everyone’s (especially their boyfriend) day awful.

They Don’t Get Grossed Out Too Often

One time in our office, a gargantuan roach walked out of a closet as if it owned the place. All of us guys ducked behind a partition and watched it explore the premises.I have a strange fear/fascination of roaches.

A tiny girl co-worker named Jenn walked by us guys murmuring: “you are all suchgirls.” She calmly picked up an umbrella, killed the roach, and disposed of the carcass.

There was something attractive about the contrast betweenJenn’s flawless preppie style, her tiny size, and her savage behavior.

They Drink Like Fish

Every girl that’s one of the guys can drink with the best of us. They love to party, and they are “guy-like” when they party.

As one of the guys, my little sister was always the one girl we allowed at our guy beach weekend. One time,during an all day drink fest, she was kicked out of the bar for falling down steps. We promptly snuck her back in.

The bouncer found her again, asked us if we were with her, and kicked us out by association. We were impressed that one girl could get 7 guys kicked out of a bar.

They Are Elusive

Women and men gravitate to girls who are one of the guys, so they are tough to pin down. And, because these types of girls are so “guy-like” with their communications:inattentive with texting and calling, they are tough to find. Not only are you intrigued by their mystery, but you also feel privileged to be around them. Their manners help them to be non-clingy and aloof.

Men are often attracted to girls like this, but their one downfall is that they often turn into “the friend” because they are so guy-like-although hotness can trump this.

Even for girls who are one of the guys, it’s tough to lose certain “girl” qualities-the love of shoes,the occasional emotional outburst,the desire to cuddle and have attention, etc.

It’s also impossible to change personalties. I’m interested in finding girls with some of the above traits, or girls that-while “girly”-can also be one of the guys from time to time.

Do you agree with my thoughts above? Have you seen that guys gravitate to women like this too? What characteristics make a girl one of the guys?

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