Playgirl Magazine – Keith Urban in Playgirl – Celebrity

This month, after 35 years, the print version of Playgirl packs up and heads to that big bearskin rug in the sky. By way of farewell, we revisit a few of our favorite cover boys.

“It teaches me to know how to know. It’s a technology about people . . . you know, when you hit [success] so quickly, you don’t know where to go. What you want to do is keep consistent and always work but never let yourself be a flash in the pan. Scientology makes it all a lot saner.”

– John Travolta on his religion, in an interview with Cameron Crowe, March 1977

“I want to take a shower with my kid – we’re both naked – and let him look at my cock . . . when your son or daughter looks at your genitals and you have to start explaining them, it’s marvelous . . . I think that is a wonderful moment to play with on the screen.”

– Dustin Hoffman on his character in Kramer vs. Kramer, November 1979

“I refuse to entertain, even for fun, the possibility that Superman has anything to do with the real world. Really . . . The whole heroics – the stopping of bullets and fixing of bridges – bore the shit out of me.”

– Christopher Reeve on playing the Man of Steel, December 1982

“I’m not a sex addict. I have never been to those meetings. It’s not funny, and I’ll be glad when it goes away.”

– David Duchovny on rumors about him, April 1997

“I wasn’t embarrassed at the time, but obviously in hindsight, no pun intended, I wish I hadn’t done it.”

– Keith Urban on stripping down to a thong for the April 2001 issue