sex practices around the world – sex in China

Is It Something in the Waffles?

People in Belgium are happiest with their sex lives; the Chinese, not so much, ranking last on the satisfaction scale. (USA: tied with Croatia for fourth place.)

First to Lose It

Forty-year-old virgins? Not exactly, but in India, the average age of first sex is 19.8, the oldest in the world. (USA: 16.9 years old.)

Film Buffs

Canadians and Americans are the most likely to have cameras rolling during sex.

Busiest in Bed

The Greeks top the frequency charts, having sex an average of 138 times per year; the Japanese just 45 times a year. (USA: in 11th place, averaging 113 boinks annually.)

Why We’re Thinking of Moving Our Offices

Place you’re most likely to have sex at work: South Africa. (USA: fifth most likely, same as Serbia and Montenegro.)

Turkish Delight

People in Turkey have had more sex partners (14.5) than in any other country, while in India, they have had the fewest (3). (USA: ranks 13th.)

Good Vibrations

Vibrator use is highest in Taiwan. (USA: tied with the U.K. for second.)