Anastasia Beverly Hills Metallic Lip Gloss

Metallic lipstick is having a moment. Blame it on Kylie Jenner. Ever since her metallic lipsticks hit the market a few months ago, companies have been popping up with versions of their own. But may we make a case for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses?

Yes, the glosses launched last year, but the company wants to remind the world that it rocked metallic shades long before other brands—with insanely cool colors. After watching the brand swatch all of the shimmery lippies on its Snapchat, we realized that Anastasia Beverly Hills has created the most varied collection of metallic lipsticks ever. Unlike other lines that have a small range of colors, the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks offer a rainbow of shiny colors:

anastasia beverly hills metallics black cherry

From top to bottom, you see the golden Gilded, the peachy-pink Sunset Strip, the light purple Metallic Rose, the hot pink Date Night, the even hotter pink Weekend Barbie, the bright violet Purple Rain, and the deep plum Black Cherry. Here’s what all of them look like on a darker skin tone:

anastasia beverly hills metallics black cherry 2

And here’s what they look like in sunlight:

anastasia beverly hills metallics sunlight

So many choices! The $16 price tag falls between its competitors, but there is one thing for sure: These most likely won’t sell out. And you can bet this is the only high-quality deep purple metallic lip gloss you’ll find (trust us, we’ve been on the hunt for quite some time.) At a time when metallic lips are all the rage, we just wanted to send you a friendly reminder that these awesome metallic glosses have existed for over a year.

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