Celebrity Makeup Artist Jillian Dempsey on Prepping Jennifer Lawrence for the Golden Globes

I lose sleep over lipstick the night before. I’m not kidding. (That’s my arm, below, first thing this morning.) Figuring out which way to go on lip color is a big part of the stress of awards season. I don’t commit to anything completely until I’m working on the makeup, so I bring pretty much every makeup product I own with me.

jillian dempsey makeup 2

As you can see, my bag is substantially heavier than it usually is. It’s kind of ridiculous.

jillian dempsey makeup 1

My only client today was Jennifer Lawrence. (That’s me below with hairstylist Mark Townsend at Jennifer’s house.)

jillian dempsey makeup 3

Jennifer is wearing a poppy red strapless Dior dress, and we decided to go with heavy lashes with burnished gold and black eyes. I finished with a pink-y coral nude lip stain. She’s so pretty, and the look turned out really well I think. Whew!

jillian dempsey makeup 4


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