Fenty Beauty Fan Reveals Genius Hack Using Match Stix to Hold Onto Earrings

When Rihanna first gifted us Fenty Beauty and its seemingly never-ending range of Match Stix — the brand’s selection of shimmery and matte multitasking cream sticks — we were immediately smitten. Not only do they come in neutral tones for concealing and highlighting purposes, but they also have an an impressive number of mouth-watering shades like cinnamon bronze, glazed apricot, and chili mango, all of which sound delicious, glide on seamlessly, and blend like a damn dream.

What really hits them out of the ballpark, though, has got to be their genius packaging. The tube is magnetized so that the cap locks in place rather than separating in our makeup bags and disappearing on our vanities. This perk alone was enough to make us repurchase over and over again, but one Fenty fan just proved there are even more reasons why the magnetic packaging is so genius. Are you ready for this?

Refinery29 brought to our attention an Einstein-level-status hack, courtesy of @ItsShelbyTho on Twitter. And it’s a trick that will make it so you never lose another earring ever again. It’s exactly what you’re thinking: Match Stix can be used to hold onto your earrings, or in this woman’s case, find them easily at the bottom of a bag.

“I threw all my earrings in my makeup bag and my FENTY set caught all of them… wow @rihanna never stops giving back,” the user wrote next to a photo that showcases her holding two Match Stix with stud earrings clinging to them for dear life. Pretty freaking clever, if you ask me. As someone who admittedly is constantly misplacing jewelry, I can’t even explain how much this trick will likely come in handy, especially considering I’m always throwing them into bags I own. (Not the smartest move, I’m aware.)

The tip was so well-received in fact, that it amassed nearly 7,000 likes and almost 2,000 retweets — and that’s not all. Fenty Beauty even offered its stamp of approval, writing, “Told y’all Matchstix are multi-purpose ��” on Twitter with a link to the original post.

Needless to say, if you’re someone who’s losing earrings all the time, go thank Shelby and be sure to show her tweet some love. And then thank Rihanna because clearly she’s given us the gift that doesn’t stop giving.

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