Jeffree Star Claims He’s Working With Dior to Expand Shade Range

By now we’re all well-aware that shade inclusivity is a big deal in the beauty industry. But just because all of a sudden everyone’s come to the realization that yes, people of color will totally buy makeup when you represent them…the reaction has been a bit of a scramble for some folks who want to jump in on this conversation after having previously minded their own business. Well then. Guess who wants to come to dinner?


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Jeffree Star really wants you to know he’s working on releasing concealers — and in 30 shades. OK, great, cool. After Fenty’s famous 40 and Kylie’s 30-shade concealer range, you really can’t get on that court if you’re not going to bring the same if not more to play with. However, Star isn’t exactly known for being Mr. Inclusivity — in fact, quite the opposite.

Personally, I don’t watch his videos so I’m a bit slow to catch on to every messy drama and feud he’s involved in, but let’s just say he is…aware of them (whether you buy that or not ��).

It’s interesting, however, that in the above screenshot from Instagram account Trendmood1, he’s quick to mention his inclusivity efforts and involvement with luxury beauty brand Dior (which I imagine would totally include things like contracts for partnership announcements that probably don’t include name-dropping said partnerships in a Twitter mention) rather will-nilly. Dior is not known to collaborate with influencers for product launches or new collections, let alone for existing ones. Currently, Peter Philips heads up product development for Dior and has been the brand’s creative and image director since 2014. This is literally the first time anyone has heard of this supposed partnership or collaboration with Star.

Allure has reached out to Dior for comment and will update accordingly.


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