Kim Kardashian Just Proved that Your Perfect Nude Lip Color Matches Your Nipples

Nipples get a bad rep. They’re often hidden away under bras and reported every time they are shown on Instagram. But let’s be real, they’re actually incredibly useful — in a beauty sense, that is. As Allure recently reported, the natural color of your nipples can help you find the perfect nude lipstick shade for your skin tone. Cool, right? The queen of nude lipstick Kim Kardashian just proved that this fact is, in fact, true — in her case at least. (As we mentioned in the original story, this isn’t a steadfast rule because the shade of your nipples can change over time.)

On Thursday night, Kardashian stepped out in a nipple-baring sheer black jumpsuit, looking ah-mazing as usual. Her lips were a soft shade of nude pink. This shade is expected from a person who literally launched four nude liquid lipsticks named after herself. However, because she freed the nipple for the night, Allure editors noticed Kardashian’s nude lipstick shade was a spot-on match for her, well, nipples. (Sorry for staring, Kim. We couldn’t help but make the connection.)

I’m not 100% sure her makeup artist for the night, Rob Scheppy, referred to Kardashian’s nips when selecting a lip color to swipe onto her lips. (That rhyme was completely unintentional.) However, I’m quite convinced he may just have. The shades match almost too well.


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