Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Mistakes

There’s no doubt about it: Kim Kardashian is one of the most inspirational beauty icons of our time. We basically have her to thank for the contouring ~movement~ and now that she’s launched her own beauty line, the rest of us are able to glow just like the makeup queen herself.

But, contrary to popular belief, Kardashian is only human and she makes beauty mistakes just like the rest of us. (Remember the time she recently documented her all-too real makeup emergency on Snapchat?) It turns out that the reality star also made some beauty blunders back in her earlier years, and TBH, they’re totally relatable.

In a new post on her app, Kardashian confessed that she used to match her eyeshadow to her outfits — no matter how bold the colors might be. “I love a monochromatic look, but this was just so cheesy,” she explained in her post. “In the early 2000s, I would do a lot of bright colors, especially turquoise. I wore a turquoise top and turquoise eye makeup — and even turquoise flower hair clips!”

Okay, raise your hand if you did the same thing back in high school. (We’re raising both hands over here.) Hey, it was trendy back then, as Kardashian herself notes, adding that she’ll “never do it again.”

And that wasn’t the only beauty mistake that Kardashian ‘fessed up to — she also noted that when she first started getting spray tans, she often found that her skin was straight-up orange afterwards. The lesson she learned? Always exfoliate before stepping into the salon. “Otherwise, the spray tan will look blotchy and uneven,” Kardashian warned, adding: “I also use spray tan mitts and scrub my whole body, so I’m completely exfoliated.”

It’s good to know that even the most glam celebs like Kardashian have messed up in the beauty department once or twice. We’re not the only ones!

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