Man-Friendly Nail Salon Opens—and Women Get in Line

Men of the world: Don’t you wish you had a place to get your mani/pedi done in peace? Without the busy chatter, the cramped pedicure stations, or the judgmental eyes of all the women checking out your hard-earned calluses? Oh wait, the last time I checked, EVERYONE (not just dudes) needed a space like that—which is why we’re so excited to check out the new Hammer & Nails Salon opening in Los Angeles in two weeks.

Sure, it’s the first nail salon created specifically for guys. And maybe they strung up a punching bag to make the dudes feel more comfortable. But we love this because it’s awesome no matter your gender.

The big, industrial room has high ceilings, huge leather chairs, a personal remote that lets you pick your own channel (rather than the typical ’90s reruns) on the 32-inch flat screen TV above your head, and headphones so you can tune out everyone and dry your nails in peace. Plus, they even plan to serve free beer. Where was this place during college?

Hammer Nail interior 2

A brief poll of my male friends and coworkers offered mixed results. Some couldn’t wait to try it; others admitted they still feared buying an emery board at the drugstore. But my female coworkers, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to book a session. So apologies in advance, Hammer & Nails. You might have tried to open a nail salon for guys, but it’s only a matter of time before girlfriends become the ones tagging along to appointments.


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