Twitter Boyfriends Are Very Confused About These Two Milani Lip Colors

For those of us who are obsessed with makeup — lipstick in particular — there’s no such thing as too many of our favorite products. With our laser vision, we can tell the true difference between any two shades, no matter how similar they may look to the untrained eye. We’ve all been there, in a Sephora, trying to choose between one red or the other, debating their undertones and their finish via swatches on your hand, thinking to yourself, “But they’re just so different!”

Been there, done that. Twitter user @africasmoon knows the struggle, and she posted a very relatable tweet about it.

She snapped a pic of two red Milani lip colors next to each other and captioned it with, “Men will deadass tell you these two are the same color.” Umm, no way! One is totally darker and warmer than the other. They’re sisters, not twins.

She followed up her initial tweet with proof that the shades aren’t the same, including their shade names (Striking and Amore, if you wanna run to the drugstore to snap ’em up) and swatches. Apparently, this proof didn’t stop the aforementioned men from jumping into her mentions to tell her that they still thought the two reds were the same color. Yes, it’s red, but there are so many shades of red: brick red, violet red, blue-red, wine red, orange red, brown red … c’mon, guys, haven’t you ever used a box of Crayolas?

That being said, it looks like the OP’s boyfriend has been schooled in the art of subtle shade differences. She tweeted a screenshot of their text conversation to prove that he passed the test. (Good job, dude.)

Other boyfriends… not so astute.

Her tweet has gone super-viral since its posting on June 19 — over 50,000 people have “loved” it, proving that those of us who really, really love makeup will never listen to some silly person who tells us our collection of red or peach-pink lip colors are “all the same.”

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